Sexy Bikini Swimwear

If you want to make a trip to the beach more memorable, pick some sexy bikini swimwear to accentuate your assets. Not confident about your body type? If there is no time to hit the gym, do not fret. There are micro bikinis for every woman. With the variety of colors, fits, and styles, you will definitely find a pair that will make you look and feel good. It is all about your attitude towards your body. If people can see that you are comfy and confident in what you wear, they will know that you are one provocative woman. Guys will definitely give you the attention you deserve if you strut your stuff with confidence.

Going sexy even with flaws
Who says that sexy has to be perfect? Who created the standards anyway? Even the most gorgeous woman at the beach has something she wants to change about her. Here are some tips on wearing racy swimwear with your body type:

Bandeau tops are good for women of different sizes. This cut will definitely enhance those lovely curves, giving you the look of an irresistible beach goddess.

– Those with small hips can go for lighter colors, while those with wider hips can stick with darker ones.
– For those who want to show off their bums, extra skimpy bottoms are advisable.
– Busy prints can help you express your individuality and sexiness more.


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You can wear accessories that will complement your micro bikini swimwear. However, do not use overwhelming cover-ups. You may think that these cover-ups will hide your flaws but think again. The cover-ups will only emphasize whatever it is you are hiding. So, go out there and flaunt your hot swimsuit. What you may be self-conscious about may not actually be obvious to other people. A less-than-confident attitude, however, may just draw attention to your own insecurities.

Pulling off the look

Before you pick your barely-there swimsuit, assess your own figure. What is it about your body that you like best? What don’t you like at all? Once you have objectively rated yourself, you can look for the right style and fit that suits your figure. If you are still not sure about picking your own bathing suit, ask the help of an expert: possibly a swimwear salesperson. Once you find the right style and color, make sure that the top and bottom fit you comfortably. Then, you are ready to go. All you need is to add the right amount of sexy attitude.